Post Meeting Reflections

Thank you Alan, for the guided meditation, and everyone for showing up and sharing their experiences.

It is lovely to be present with folks from different walks of life, attending a meeting where apparently no agenda is pursued, no curriculum is taught, no docent is hired, and best of all, no exit exams are to be passed.

Here are the two quotes, one of which was briefly talked about, the other posted to reflect upon and visited next Sunday:

  • The quote brings up the question if there is anything at all that exists as a separate object
  • In more abstract terms – there is only “this” – where “this” isn’t considered a thing
  • What exists as real in the hum mind’s perspective, is simply what emerges as an appearance on the backdrop of that which has no beginning nor end, no boundaries, and no form

the-hum attendees are invited to reflect on that and share either in the “comments” section below, or in next Sunday’s meeting

Here are two additional statements, emerging from today’s meeting:

If there was anyone to start with, they may ask: What is there to gain in engaging in such pondering?

Beyond the words and their meaning, in a realm that precedes language – what is there?

What appears when the sense of a separate self has dissolved, and a deep recognition sets in, that the one that that is apparently looking is the same as what is being looked for:

and closing with Eckhart

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