A quiet mind – a spiritual tool?

Alan submitted this quote for contemplation and discussion:

Some 30 years ago, exposure to The Avatar Materials suggested that indeed, the mind could be used to for a “me” to find its way back to Source. – At the time, this me was mesmerized by the prospect, and for about a decade those teachings played a significant role in this me‘s life.

What happened since?

  • Moments of clarity and liberation from old beliefs and convictions occurred
  • Study and practice of the materials required the ability to direct attention, deliberately – a capability that was often lacking, even though the materials offered specific practices to sharpen those skills and tools
  • The high cost of progressing with the Course, and the appearance of cult-like practices were a deterrent from advancing up the levels of initiation
  • Exposure to non-dual materials knocked off the remnants of the foundation on which the concept of a Personal Self is built

A Flashback is digging out this quote

Harry Palmer’s quote below seems to be consistent with some of the foundational beliefs in Bridgerism, are they?

The idea of achieving a quiet mind has been around since the dawn of self-awareness.

It winds its way through all spiritual practices as a preliminary step to enlightenment or liberation. Shrines induce it with reverence for the profound. Whispered prayers and sacred rituals echo its importance. Monasteries nurture it through isolation and reverence. Legions of holy men and yoga teachers have invented techniques for its attainment.


Because a turbulent mind is an obstacle to spiritual practice.

Procedures can be formulated to modify any function of the mind, but the ultimate procedure* returns control of the mind to the being.

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