Deep meditation and mystical exploration

Quoted from Jeff Carreira’s writing

When we experience cosmic consciousness, we recognize that our awareness is the awareness of the universe itself.

We are taught to think of our awareness as something that emerges from our own minds and bodies. In awakening to cosmic consciousness, we see that awareness is flowing through us like wind flows through an open window. We are an opening for conscious awareness, but we are not the source of that awareness.

The weekly the-hum zoom meetings offer an experiential recognition of this. You will see that consciousness is flowing through you from somewhere beyond your mind and body. This is a thrilling shift in awareness that leads you to a felt sense of oneness with everything.

As we continue to rest in cosmic consciousness you will experience an even more profound shift in awareness. You will recognize that you are the awareness of the cosmos flowing through a human form. You are not just a human being who is animated by cosmic consciousness; you are a conscious cosmos experiencing itself as a human being.

To experience cosmic consciousness and rest in that vast universal perspective prompts shifts in your perception of identity, and you see yourself as the universe in human form, and ultimately experience your eternal and infinite nature.

You were alive and conscious before your birthday on Earth, and you will continue to live beyond the day that your physical body ceases to function. You are the consciousness of existence itself. You are aware, always and everywhere.

As your field of perception grows, you will experience an exhilarating sense of expansion in both time and space. The energy of this higher consciousness will be overwhelmingly positive, and the retreat environment will help you remain calm as you drift beyond what you thought was possible.

The experience of cosmic consciousness is the realization of universal being. This is the realization that transformed everything about my life, and it is the source of my ongoing inspiration to offer spiritual guidance. There is nothing more important to me than supporting people to realize their cosmic nature.

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