Nuggets from yesterday’s the-hum meeting

The voice inside your head …

“The voice in the head isn’t talking to anyone – and there’s no one there to hear it”

Michael Jeffreys by way of Alan Jaeger

Skipping stones on the water

With Ease

Was shared as an image by Sara – if I am not mistaken in the context of the “Zone” or “being in the flow”: An example of propagating with ease and elegance – as opposed to going off the deep end or sinking like a rock :-).


While this wasn’t addressed directly in yesterday’s the-hum – it feels like backdrop cover that underlies much of what is being thought, asserted and shared: Beliefs. What are beliefs? – The first exposure to a deeper exploration of beliefs happened in the mid 90’s, during the Avatar Course. These materials are still floating around, and they are shared below for those who feel drawn to take a closer look.

Notice that this material doesn’t qualify for the non-dual realm – as it presupposes beings with a mind that perceives itself as existing as a separate entity from wholeness.

Being right or being aware

Courtesy of Harry Palmer, Founder of The Avatar Course

If you examine the current state of the world, you will find that most people are reacting according to deeply indoctrinated beliefs.

Some will argue that they are not reacting and are making free will choices, but the truth is that past conclusions and old fears make most of their decisions. Nearly everyone is operating according to someone else’s rules rather than their own intuitive principles. People live in what was, and they selectively perceive only enough of the present to excite their conclusions about things.

The major aspiration is to be right rather than to be aware…

The mind has a deep compelling urge to be right and can cause us to assert things that we didn’t intentionally set out to believe.

What you believe you should believe is a real belief.

Discover hidden beliefs to transform your reality.

Belief Management

Learn about the source of your reality – consciousness – and how it is limited or expanded by the beliefs you hold. Move beyond self-sabotage and restore the YOU that can shape reality deliberately*.

*Note: This is where Harry departs from a non-dualistic framework, as The Avatar Materials suggest that we are “Source Beings”, and as such, shape reality deliberately.

Let’s just add here, that in pure non-dualism, there is no one here to shape anything – as it is already “as it is” – and is seen as perfect just the way it is.

Harry carries on:

I was looking at the fear and anxiety of not knowing. I discovered how one belief would run me down the rabbit-hole of that way of thinking! I gained peace just by writing the beliefs down. —

Belief Management Mini-Course

Things that we say are true about one level of existence may not be true at another level of existence. Things that we view as true from one perspective may not be true from another perspective. Most disagreements and conflicts, particularly in religion, philosophy, and psychology, are due not so much to what is viewed as to a mismatch of viewing levels or perspectives.

Practices and procedures that transform lives at one level of existence may be unworkable or have no effect at another level of existence.

Knowing the frame of reference of the observer is essential to evaluating the truth of an observation.

“…invisible or indoctrinated beliefs, which dominate consciousness and stand as unquestionably true, are the root causes of individual suffering. They can be severely limiting or even self-sabotaging.”

—Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials.

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