Thoughts are …

Already there is that place which is, already, trouble-less… It has no trouble at all…

When it is noticed that there wasn’t any thought in the first place… it was just This space appearing as those thoughts…


It is obvious and effortless, without purpose and meaningless – it is “as it is” – and doesn’t require anything. It contains all there is, and is complete and whole just as it is.

Words are unable to describe it, the senses are filtering aspects of it. The mind fails to understand, yet keeps wanting to make sense of it.

There is nothing to be done, nothing to be understood, and all apparent events and observations are mere dreams occurring out of nowhere.

There may be a thought about “what good shall all this” be or do?

The short answer is that it is utterly meaningless – projections on an imaginary screen – left to flesh and color by the mind, spinning threads of thought into the fabric of stories, including the plot of that central hub of it all, the personal self.

Some say it is the identification with this egoic self that causes suffering, offering paths and protocols to find relief, peace and liberation.

Some are deeply committed to the thought that “what is” contains problems, requiring intervention of some sort.

Such thought that something had to be done is one of the default programs the personal self is running:
Imaginary objectives are defined and pursued with an expectation of finding relief and completion from seeking and suffering. This comes with ample support for a frame of mind that lives under the illusion to know and to control its destiny by deliberate thought and action: Adopting belief systems and convictions that serve as an anchor* for rock-climbers to secure their path up the mountainous terrain.

*Anchor—A point of attachment for a climbing rope, usually made with slings, runners or the rope itself. May be top-rope anchors, belay anchors or a protection piece mid-climb.

Doing or Non-doing?

As the search continues for liberation or at least a sense of peace and respite, the recurring question arises: Doing vs. Non-doing?

Going with “doing” – the seeker pursues to pay off his/her karmic debt, heal childhood traumas and engages with various degrees of resolve in whatever promises for the mind to find peace and resolution – some going as far as talking about a 24/7 experience of bliss and enlightening experience which comes with the awakened state.

What about non-doing then? – First, of course, there is neither doing nor non-doing, as “doing” is just appearing to happen, to no one. Letting go of the doer, along with the notion of doing or non-doing, is ultimately what causes the bubble to burst – into nothing: Thoughts are like air bubbles arising in water, when reaching the surface they pop as air is liberated into formless air.

Nkosi brings a crucial element to the party: “Everything is an expression of this, already included, already perfect as it is.” – The personal self struggles with that, as its very existence is based on the misconception of separation, and the inherent compulsion to make it all whole again.

Of course, these efforts all fail ultimately, as it is impossible to fix what is not broken. – The knife cannot cut itself – and yet, the personal self is totally convinced that with enough effort and discipline it can get it done! Often there is a strong belief that with enough due diligence and practice those personal objectives can be realized in a fictitious future.

And of course, there are those that assert the necessity for a sincere spiritual life, pointing to ancient Saints, and preaching the gospel of the long and arduous path of the spiritual seeker. They tirelessly maintain a conviction, that whatever is portrayed in ancient scriptures must contain the secret formula that shall set us free if followed properly and diligently.

And on it goes – and then comes Nkosi, ushered in by Michael Jeffreys: “If there is anything sounding like a modern-day Jesus – it’s him!” – and here we are, taking a front row seat every Wednesday night, to hear the apparent Master repeat the gospel, in terms simple enough to be heard with ease by those who are open for the message.

To be continued….

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