A few pointers if you are new to the-hum

Disclaimer: most content on the-hum.us blog reflect the views of the blog custodian – serving as an invitation to explore,
savor and experience, rather than attempting to grasp it through mental understanding

  • the essence of the-hum is an opportunity to participate in the exploration of immersion in a vibrational signal that precedes habitual mental patterns of perception and interpretation – or short: It’s more about a feeling than rational thought and belief
  • fertile grounds for the-hum experience is the appreciation of silence, where the subtle signals of internal nature are arousing perceptual sensors
  • typical filters such as personal identities (the concept of “the me”) are put aside to allow the passage of energy that is unadulterated by the mind

Invitation: Anybody is encouraged to submit ideas and inspirational materials for publication – within the scope that the-hum is not about arguing about the multitude of the various belief systems that underlie numerous conceptual frameworks of what is real and how it all works.