Preliminary Discussion – Gathering Content

  • Not intellectual exercise, rather experiential, write what comes up
  • Explore, listen inside – look past beliefs, concepts, stories

Stay Present

  • Suggestion: Start taking notes of themes, experiences – keep it light, simple, real, in the moment
  • look and check what comes keywords could be jotted down, or typed up

Random Keywords & Phrases

  • Heart, Heart Energy, Connection, Empathy, Presence, Compassion, Story of me, Conditioning
  • Form/Formless, Separation vs. Nonseparation
  • Simply describing what is discovered ad-hoc in the moment

Direct Quotes

  • Start with quote. At beginning of chapter.
  • what happens as you meditate
  • use quotes for chapter titles

Possible Formats

  • Q&A Format
  • Use 1st and 3rd person perspective – or NO PERSON at all

Innocence & joy