• ARRIVAL MEDIATION starts at 3.05 p.m.
  • FINAL SHARING ROUND is shortly before 4 p.m. – ending the meeting
  • Attendees who choose to stay longer are welcome to do so

For those ready to let go of preconceived concepts and models, dropping into the abyss of not-knowing, prior and beyond mental states
with the personal self as the hub
– ready to vibrate in
Pure Being


  • Pure Being = has no qualities, i.e. “just is”
  • In Pure Being there is no separation, i.e. no personal self (me) that differentiates and labels subjects and objects
  • Pure Being underlies all appearances, i.e. all apparent phenomena (the dream) emerge out of Pure Being


  • the-hum = energetic field dissolving separation
  • separation is seen as fata morgana – a dream
  • personal self = a wave in the ocean
  • there is no one that is trying to figure it out
  • there is nothing to be figured out – it just “is”
  • “This” is obvious and forever, already present